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Chunkxel Network is a Minecraft Server Network founded in November 2015. Our vision is to create a fun server where players can play and create without any limits.

Our server offers many fun gamemodes, including Skyblock, Creative, Prison, many fun Minigames, and Township, a gamemode where you can start as a village and expand to the town of your dreams. Try our fun gamemodes by joining our server! You reach our Minecraft Server under the IP:

This is Chunkxel.

Here are some pictures of Chunkxel Network.

The Hub, where you find all servers

The Chunkxel Creative Server

Meet the team!

Those are the creative heads who founded Chunkxel.


Founder / Server & Support

Silverdroid founded Chunkxel with his friend Nevexo in November 2015. He is the creative head behind Chunkxel, responsible for the servers, the design, and the players on Chunkxel.


Founder / Host & Maintenance

Nevexo is the Host behind Chunkxel Network and also maintains the server. He is keeping the server running and tries his best to keep it without any bug and lag. Also he is helping with the servers.

Got any questions?

You can easily contact us on the "Contact" page